Fuller’s Pettition, Is it purely for women’s right or act of black campaign?

As i read the pettition to push a federal distric court judge, Mark Fuller from his bench. I was suddenly trigged to observe the issue to mitigate bias-perception. As media science told not to believe one source before comparing with other coverage to avoid believeng in what emotion desires while denying logics. On september, 16th i refuse to take for granted the call to overthrown Mark Fuller from his post. Targeting Solicitor of Fulton County and Supreme Court of Justice, Women’s right activists appealed for support in the form of pettition to combat domestic abuse conducted by men in general and  conducted by Fuller against his wife. Kelly Fuller in particular.

Based on the article published by Allvoices.com, Fuller and wife were commencing visit to Atlanta when in drunk of sober-state, the judge beated his wife on the face to a pretty serious injured. The incident was a private clash until Kelly decided to call 911 and let the emergency crew depicting the situation based on the backsound of two disputes. As the incident type-record told the public how cruel the sound of harrasment marriage can be, Feminists appeared to be the protector who will defend security towards women’s right on gender equality. Reflecting to the core value of US Military stated “No one shall be left behind”, this ethos imprinted by fellow feminist to their main objective shouthing that “Aint no every single beaten woman shall be left behind without prosecution.”

As a child who were born in unsustainable family, who saw her mother got bruises from her own father, I was forced deliberately to concern more about women’s right. Devouting attention on women’s role in life, marriage, and society as customary law assigned. I am the one who implement feminism as one of fundamental paradigm to see the world politics both in business-wise and personal-wise. However, as International Relations graduate who were taught that politics is an art, by which you can influence others according to your will for both mutual interest or personal interest, I started to perceive the world as multiple choices. Person can have his origins but in seeing the world as it sees, several perceptions are required. Thus, in Fuller’s case, I was trying to dig more reasons that caused the domestic abuse. Since i opened each of supporting articles wrote by Harold Michael Harvey, JD. It was mentioned that Judge Fuller bear a suspicion against his wife having affair with his law clerk. There were no further information about when or how long the affair has been done. But, what I learnt that Fuller got his plead and citing to Al Quran, The Muslim’s Holybook and Guidence, it is permitted to beat a wife who was disloyal and disfaitful. However, Mark Fuller is an Federal Distric Judge in Alabama who were pointed by former President Bush back in 2013 where Domestic Violence Prevention Act prevail as a law. Refering to Family Code Section 6203 it was cristal clearly defined that Fuller’s action towards his wife was one of domestic violence. However, in Fuller’s case, it is still important to see the background of dispute. Whether Fuller accusation towards his wife was merely due to Kerry’s error or… Was it deliberately set to lure the judge conducting misdemeanor?.

The person we’re trying to pursue is a public officer. Inspite of  rights for a normal life, public officers were inclined to society as figure to look up to. Misdemeanours are unexpected to be done by these officers. One flaw, and politics will lead you to the black hole. In 1998, Hillary Clinton stepped forward to defend her husband to secure Bill’s seat in Oval Office as the 42th President of U.S, calling Lewinsky Scandal as “Right-wing Conspiracy”.  Based on that history and many other epic stories of aesthetic battlefiled for power, In my opinion, the existence of interest group is possible. A lifetime tenure certified in U.S constitution might be overwhelming for this group. Hence, these colleagues might aspire another judicial fellow from their coalition to be at the bench. For an amendment to the article III might seem time-consuming, a deliberated affair would be effective to ignite the conspiracy. However, This is the allegation that i would not be firm enough to say until the investigation fully conducted by the authorize. Who would ever known if this emergency call, affair, and violence came afterwards were a plot to stimulate our attention and join the the act of black campaign of the interest group?.

I later signed the petition regarding my concern towards women’s right. Together with my fellow women, i chose to preserve  gender equality as well as both physical and psychological security in marriage. It is necessary to note that marrying to rich and powerful man does not mean to limitation of rights and roles. It doesn’t mean that women should follow the lead if the leader is carrying you to the wrong direction. Marriage in essence, suppose to be being in partnership to manifest mutual objectives. The reason I started this writing is to remind people that before starting a petition towards human’s action, kindly consider other possible condition or situation the convict is involved with. Please do not mirror a mistake back in 2003 when Bush’s Administration Army invaded Iraq for miss-allegation of Terrorism and Nuclear Proliferation. We dont deserve the guilt as the country has to bear when CIA investigation confirmed that Iraq were “clean” after US missile had destroyed the Aladdin’s homeland to the ground level. This is important to prevent miss-judged of sending people to jail or get them out of the carrier path they have been pursued ceaselessly.

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