Gritterthanyou? Is it…

Nope, it’s not a typo nor grammatically correct. I chose the word to name my blog because I was desperate to use the word “Grit”

If you ask what is so special about Grit, my answer will be a copy and paste taken from Wikipedia; The term Grit is rather a concept to describe a personality trait that demonstrates perseverance and passion.

Still confused? Well, the secret is, do not focus on the passion or the perseverance, but focus on the word, “Concept”. Yes, concept!

Here’s why. When people start blogging, they usually start with making the blog as a platform to express themselves. And, I am a follower of this movement. This blog is a medium for me to express myself. However, bearing similarity to the term “Concept”, it is difficult to describe myself in one expression, let alone consistency (Thanks to my birth sign that makes me bloody moody). It’s abstract. Even after 31 years, I am still in a limbo, trying to figure out my voice or why I communicate.

For the very same reason, I don’t even try to classify the genre of this blog and don’t expect to land on a theme-based platform. This blog is simply, but seriously curated, a tool for me to curb my overactive mind that won’t stop analysing things. This hyperactive mental activity then becomes a plethora of articles about, basically anything, lol. At one point, you’ll find a cheesy bit, but in another point, you’ll find me rumbling about regulations!

It’s so random, but that’s what makes this blog different. Its un-themed editorial direction makes the content rich and full of surprise. I am not reaching out to a specific group of audience. This blog is for anyone who listens. If we can have democracy in the political realm, why not bringing this concept, once again – concept, to the digital universe? Besides, what’s so good about homogeneity? Diversity reflects a much more beautiful expression to our senses. Take a look at a rainbow, if you want a prove.

Cheers, Juli

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