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Stationery Project is a community development project that I co-found with my postgraduate colleague. The mission of this project is to allow Community Influencers to Showcase their Potential.

We believe that everyone has potentials. What appears to be the smart and the less-intelligent, the high-achiever and the low achiever, the bright and the mediocre, is a condition generated from unequal access to opportunities particularly the basic education. In the state wherein everyone has unlimited access to the opportunities, the good and the bad is merely a manifestation of different perspectives and standards. 

Our focus in Stationery Project, however, is to provide an opportunity for students in need to access a good quality education, and by a good quality of education here, we aim to provide learning tools that can help the students in need to understand their lessons in a more engaging and effective way. How? by providing stationery packages (pencils, notebooks, rubbers and rulers packed in a cute backpack) to 150 elementary pupils. Our high hopes are with these tools, the students in need can capture and record their lessons and imagination to create a masterpiece that will whoas the world!

Through this project, we want to share the burden of low-income parents or school entities who are struggling with their school premises. In togetherness, we aim to create a virtual village that is conducive enough to raise our future generation. We are a group of 2 who intend to tackle a major issue by starting small. We initiate this project in our home countries and expand our horizon to another land where the future great-thinkers dwell among misfortunes and adversaries. So, we reach a threshold where our journey begin in these three countries: 

1. Haiti
2. Indonesia
3. Zimbabwe

For more information on the project, head over to the project’s website.

Our Call to Action