Twilight Discussion

December, 27th. Twilight. Five former students of International Relations were on their way back to Jakarta city taking a public transportation, the trans-Jakarta commuter. As they sat on long perching ¬†green velvet bench, they started to discuss issues pertaining to current political events in Jakarta. At one side of the coach, a group of people seemed to put attention on the topic these young adults … Continue reading Twilight Discussion


Sebelum Anda membaca, sejak awal Saya informasikan bahwa tulisan ini bersifat sangat subjektif. Oleh karena itu pula, jika dalam tulisan-tulisan sebelumnya Saya menggunakan Bahasa Inggris, kali ini, Saya memilih untuk menulis dengan menggunakan bahasa ibu Saya. Asimilasi. Terdapat beberapa alasan mengapa asimilasi sangat penting untuk diimplementasikan oleh setiap individu yang berasal dari suku Bugis dan Makassar. Dua suku serumpun yang mendiami sebuah pulau besar berbentuk … Continue reading Alasan


Disclaimer: I wrote this blogpost out of angst and sadness. So I hope you read this piece with a little more of compassion. Today, on my way back home, I bumped into some kind of underworld mundane, the first and the most frightening one that I have ever seen. A superstitious creature which came to life with their thick compact powder, fake eye-lashes, and artificial … Continue reading Dragqueen