Twilight Discussion

December, 27th. Twilight.

Five former students of International Relations were on their way back to Jakarta city taking a public transportation, the trans-Jakarta commuter. As they sat on long perching  green velvet bench, they started to discuss issues pertaining to current political events in Jakarta. At one side of the coach, a group of people seemed to put attention on the topic these young adults were talking about. On the other side, other passengers seemed to be careless about the ordinary event happening nearby or maybe, they were just too far to overhear. For them, it was just another distant chatter blurred by the sound of brisk locomotive. The commuter moved fast to the final destination like a piece of flying arrow that was thrown with a full force, only stopping at designed stations. One more station has been passed by and the five lads were not even close to their destination. Yet, none of them seemed to care as they were so carried away by the discussion until one point, when one member with a tall and slender figure admitted that he was recently involved in a social engineering plot and contributed to a political unrest in Jakarta. The other four members were astonished  with the confession. They were not sure about the information and they wanted to know more about the story but the fact that this such information shouldn’t be a public consumption unless they want to be interrogated, they gave up the eagerness and postponed the conversation until they reach their destination, a small coffee shop near the city planetarium. As the coach they sat in started to move again, they were all remained silent allowing the sound of moving rails filled up the air.

An hour later,  the group finally reached the last station in the city centre. Once they disembarked from the coach, the moved briskly towards their chosen public sphere. When they arrived at the rustic coffee shop, where broke students or penniless musician-wanna be came to sip their cheap but tasty cappuccino, they soon placed their order, started with four cups of black-coffee and a glass of cappuccino accompanied by the typical snack of Indonesia, fried bananas. Having through the trip, they decided not to rush with the anticipated talk and chose to relax their nerves while breathing in the humid evening air of the capital city. Few minutes later the conversation was restarted over, the wooden gazebo where they sit on then became a silent witness of what a young man from Eastern Indonesia can do. The conversation ended with admirations though they preferred to not prolong the topic and proceed to pick another random topic to discuss.  This time, it was the chance for the kinda-short and bald but intelligent member who stepped in and spoke about his personal goals. Shortly after the first bit, everyone jumped in. It was apparent to the surrounding that this guys are keeping awesome plans in the near future regarding study plans, course contents, nature of works and even possible positions they may attain after graduating schools in advance level. And once again, the conversation got heated. At least, that was how the only female member thought. An issue concerning gender was brought up to the table as they were talking about a fellow student who is planning to pursue her doctoral study.  In contrast to the only female member, the other four lads who are using their patriarchal perspective, was enjoying the conversation because it was the time for them to shout their judgemental opinions without having to pay a price. Yet, for the only female member, the discussion was rather  another type of social engineering plot where men could show their disagreement to a highly-dreamed girls.

Subjecting the topic to one fellow student who will continue her doctorate study, the male members concerned about the timing. According to their opinions, it was a risky step for a woman to embark on a intellectual marathon in the their late 20s when they are still single. For them, it is better to settle down the marital status and make the society happy before attending another school for four years, abroad. They claimed that they are not misogynists. Yet, they asserted the traditional doctrine of society who supposes that a single and mature but well-educated women were rather undesirable. Additionally, they stated that a woman who focuses too much on education might abandon her interest in producing offspring, which is supposedly to be their assigned duty.

It is apparent that these noblemen somehow believe in the fundamentalist propaganda.  Fortunately, technology in medicine has rapidly developed, giving hope to the women who want to pursue career and academic achievements. Gradually, people should realise that breaking-through experiment named oocyte cryopreservation enables women to freeze these baby-making eggs in purpose to postpone motherhood. In honor to their dedicated female employees, major companies such as NASA, Apple, and Facebook, include this treatment their medical benefit. Even though the success rate of oocyte cryopreservation merely hit 30% to 50%, at least it helps the women to relax.

Technology development is just one of the reasons why we shouldn’t be too worry about the social construction. The social construction is evolving. Girls movement is taking place underground and soon or later, women’s empowerment will be the new trend. Girls will no longer forced to submit to subjugation. Inspite of my profound love in embroidery, girls will no longer use embellished fabric and stitches as a sweet escape or statement to speak their aspiration. In the future, being photographed in branded bridal gown in your 40s isn’t just a fairytale exists in Sex and The City the movie. Regardless to the pros and cons might occure in response to the impending trend, the four noble and well-educated men are not supposed to be worried-less about how those bright women will find their partner and conceive their heirs, for that fellow men should be more cautious on how to make the social change real. Thus, all women can access to the luxury tertiary education. Putting more attention on gap salary between men and women in professional work. As well as welcoming them in business industry. I believe that this fantastic four could help eradicate inequality and construct community into a different type of society. Maybe, it can be started by joining #HeForShe.

With Regards,

The Female Member.

2 thoughts on “Twilight Discussion

  1. I think that all this discussion is mute. A woman should do what she wants. Maybe she’s not concerned about marriage and children. She has choices to make and the choices are hers alone. I had my one and only child when I was 40, and on my second marriage. There may not be unlimited opportunities to have children, but there are to get married. I only had one child because I found myself too tired to take proper care of more than that. That hurdle still remains in spite of medical advances.
    So there are many factors to influence a woman’s choice, but it her decision!


    1. Dear Mary,

      It is quite uneasy for women’s egg has it productive tenure to conceive naturally. Since this issue has always been a trigger to be in a rush with her choice. Whilst the culture has simultaneously construct common dealing about a proper age to marry, though nowadays, it has been evolved a lot in some countries.
      Thank you for contributing your mind and experience into this complex issue.



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