We Are Haunted !


He would never let us untouched. He would always trace us as long as we live in the world he called Mine.

How many people realize that we have been haunted by some elites and their associates, later called The Eye, who seeks to own the world?. The Eye played it well and obscure within a catchy program so we can be fooled. We accepted it as new lifestyle, as a friend, as an escort, and even as life agenda without noticing that we have voluntary let ourselves to be watched, and in the end to be controlled.

This is how surveillance work through prevalent social medias. Utilizing the vantage point of satellites and internet, The Eye gathered information to analyze and assess our demography prior to projecting strategy of modern colonialism. In this common era, where pacts, treaty, bill of rights, and law, confined The Eye to invade one country or community without consequences (Thanks to Hitler and World War II), The Eye devised new method to wire the scattering people into his scope.

In effort to implement the method, The Eye confidentially partnered with famous and pervading “social networks”. Though some social media companies claimed to be independent, how the data travel along the interconnected wire system have been tapped and collected into his data bank for The Eye personal use all in politics, economy, and social sector.

Let’s take a snap look on the way The Eye spying the realm of politics. The Eye functioned this advanced quantum mechanic-based-product to access sensitive information and to target invaluable objects (countries or individuals) in obtaining its personal interest. Maybe this assumption could be an option to explain political unrest happened in Indonesia around 98s or to examine individual-based-movement that caused turmoil in the North Africa to Middle East called The Arab Spring. It wasn’t just the two tragedies, but many other warfare and terrorism happened around the globe might be his plot.

In the scope of economy, The Eye utilized our published and even classified information to peep our consuming preference. Hence, he could define his new business line. Using manipulating advertises, The Eye shaped an image to define consumers preference. This is why we see whitening products promoted in the tropical countries and vice versa.

Then, the most wide-spread but perfectly veiled surveillance was The Eye haunted our daily lives with its catchy platform. By promoting the words of fun, cool, fashionable, urban, and modern, The Eye reconnaissanced us by re-creating our culture to socialize through networking media.  For some extent, people would think that this work help them to be interconnected. If we used it for the deeds, it would help. Meaning that we’re becoming The Eye who know how to laser from vantage point. In fact, what frequently happened were the opposite. We consciously leave trace of our movements to the wandering eye who would never stop peering. Our locations detected through Path or Foursquare, Our moments depicted in Instagram or Facebook, Our conversations encrypted through Twitter, and our professional links mapped by LinkedIn.

In the other words, We pledged certain signals to The Eye for timing to move and fire. We set the flags to welcome The Eye’s colonial ships to start the engagement. I do not impart this to prevent us involve with the urban stuffs but more likely remind us to read before go. Terms and conditions, though unbecoming should have been read before we officially log in. Since this world would never be ours as we thought. The word of Independence merely enacted as de jure. Since, as de facto, especially in cyberspace, we are haunted!.

PS : The picture is credited to : http://docjen.deviantart.com/art/All-Seeing-Eye-34869276

2 thoughts on “We Are Haunted !

  1. This writing brings me a goosebumps. Indeed, this what really happening these days, when data security violation is everywhere. Sometimes it is because of our own infirmity for not consider carefully the data security clause on every social media we follow

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